Ramadan 2014- Be in it to win it!

Asalamu Alaykum Everyone,

Ramadan Mubarak! 🙂

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  • “Oh you who believe! Fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may become Al-Muttaqun (the Pious).” (Quran- Al-Baqara, 2:183)

Here, I have some very useful practical tips for myself and for all of you to help towards productive preparation for Ramadan. Put them into practise, inshaAllah! #Ramadan2014

Five Practical Tips to Help Towards a Productive Ramadan:

  1. Download a copy of the Ramadan Timetable – Save it on your phone & also print a copy of it and stick it on your Bedroom Door (or anywhere else you find suitable); proper preparation prevents poor performance.

  2. Learn the Duas that one should recite at the start of the Fast and when opening the Fast – These Duas are recited for every Fast to indicate and affirm the intention of the Fast; this will allow you to remain disciplined. (I have attached the link to my previous post which contains these Duas:  https://faithiswheretheheartis.wordpress.com/2014/06/21/ramadan-2014-be-productive)

  3. Make a Nutrition plan for Suhoor/Iftaar Considering that the Fast is about 18 hours and you will be having just two meals (Suhoor and Iftaar)- achieving good nutrition during Ramadan is extremely important. The main things to focus on are: Hydration, Protein & Fiber (at Suhoor), Avoid eating fried food, Reasonable portions (don’t over-eat), and also consider a Multivitamin/Mineral/Superfood supplement.

  4. Set a daily alarm  Don’t snooze! I have set my alarm to wake up about half an hour pre-Suhoor so that I can spend this time in the remembrance of Allah (SWT). There is a very good App called ‘Sleep Cycle’ (available on the App Store for FREE). “It is a bio-alarm clock that analyses your sleep patterns and wakes you when you are in the lightest sleep phase.” (http://www.sleepcycle.com)

  5.  Wake up in the right environment – It is important to get some sleep after you have finished your Tarawee prayers. However, there are some people who don’t sleep during this time, but instead turn to Social Networking sites and waste their time. Rather, that valuable time could be used otherwise. How about we make the most of that time? You can use this time productively towards increasing your Imaan and in the remembrance of Allah (SWT). Well, just remember that everything we do in this world is for the akhira (hereafter) if your intention is right. Also, I highly recommend switching off your phone when praying Salah.

Self discipline is key, for it will enable you to create a balance between Deen and Dunya during Ramadan and make the most of this blessed month, inshaAllah.

Ya Allah (SWT) keep us guided on the right path and may our Imaan continue to be strengthened in Your remembrance. Ameen.

Reminder: “Verily, in the remembrance of Allah do Hearts find rest.” (Quran, 13:28)


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