Marriage: A topic that a lot of you will probably relate to.

Asalamu Alaykum Everyone,

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Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) mentioned:

  • “A Woman may be married for four reasons: for her property, for her rank, for her beauty, and for her religion and character. So marry the one who is best in the religion and character, and prosper.” (Hadith: Bukhari and Muslim)

Marriage: A topic that a lot of you will probably relate to. In my opinion, the majority of today’s society is very liberal with regards to how they go about marriage, something that I don’t agree with. I believe there is nothing wrong in choosing your own partner, but it is how you go about it that matters. It will be interesting to hear your views?

I don’t believe in pre-marital relationship and dating. Islam has given me the freedom to choose my own partner. My Parents have given me the freedom to choose my own partner. But, there are boundaries and it is up to the individual with regards to how one goes about it. I don’t agree with pre-marital relationships due to my beliefs, morals, and values. My Faith is a big part of my life, Alhamdulillah. Everyone is different. How you go about it is up to you as an individual and what values you hold.

Everywhere you go, you see so many Muslims of today’s society in pre-marital relationships. They seem to feel so proud that they have a boyfriend/ girlfriend. They are so involved in the western culture and I wonder if some of them have any self-respect, and most of all whether their priority is marriage. You even see some individuals date one person and then if that doesn’t work out; they date another and so on. Surely, if the priority is marriage then why would one go about dating, going on holiday together before marriage, and even living together before marriage? In my opinion these individuals choose to abuse the freedom. Islam has given freedom of choice to those who want to get married. The mutual choice of the would-be-spouses is given the highest consideration: “do not prevent them from marrying their chosen husband/wife when they agree between themselves in a lawful manner.” (Quran, 2:232)

The intention and decision to get married doesn’t just come out of nowhere for anyone. It is an informed and considered decision. A decision which I believe can be informed without the need of liberal elements. When you have a choice then I believe it’s important to tell your Parents. In my opinion, the process of marriage is a healthy balance between freedom of choice of the would-be-spouses and consideration of the opinions and the consent of the Parents. I believe compatibility between the would-be-spouses is very important, but also compatibility between the two families of those individuals is just as important. I have so much respect for guys who go about marriage (Rishteh) proposals the proper way.  “Women of purity are for men of purity, and men of purity are for women of purity.” (Quran, 24:26)

Reminder: Your Character and Piety comes from within your Heart and makes you who you are, and I strongly believe it is your biggest strength in Deen and Dunya.


7 thoughts on “Marriage: A topic that a lot of you will probably relate to.

  1. Yes…you r right…the topic is of concern of all of us, being on the way to settle a relation or being a parent to make our children have a happy relation.
    In my view, Islam not only guides us how to choose a spouse, rather the religion assures every step in managing a happy life after marraige also. The problem occurs when we follow islam while choosing the life partner, that is , not to face or meet a person before marraige……this trend comes from parents many times …….and neglecting the instructions for a balanced life, after marraige.
    Islam guides a perfect life, and assures the couple to form a fulfilling bond, at the first place…..without interference of any member from any side of both, secondly, islam teaches to be caring, loving and cheerful for your spouse, more than anyother.
    So is the topic, choose a spouse , and value her/him, both give space each other to have their choice in meals, dressing, hobbies, …..never impose ur choice on the other……nor try to install an all new software in ur spouse……. which is the case……every one wants his/her wife/husband to turn as per its own liking, which is not possible of course.

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  2. Another important thing to mention when talking about marriage is the importance of dua. Girls and boys should do dua to get the best partner who will be good for them for this world and the hereafter.

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  3. Assalamu alaikum, my sister, yes this is such an important topic, masha’Allah. In Egypt, the practice is fairly conservative, following for the most part, the shariah. The parents do the looking and communicating on behalf of the daughter or son looking for a spouse. When someone suitable is contacted, they set up meetings in each others homes for chance to get the son and daughter to meet and all the family to talk together. If it is agreed to continue talking about marriage, more meetings in each others home happen until the engagement is signed at the masjid. After this, the couple have a bit more freedom to meet, telephone, email, etc depending on the parents agreement, until the actual date of the marriage, when she will leave her family home to join her husband. So she has many opportunities to change her mind if she finds herself incompatible with her fiance, andno one has the right to force her to marry whom she does not like. I see it works very well here, with a great amount of respect for the process on everybody’s part. The relationship between the engaged couple is not liberal, but it is fair. I have many extended family members here and we live in a village with so many relatives, so there are lots of opportunities to see this process, and I like it a lot, alhamdulillah. My problem is the financial burden that the bride puts on the groom here, it is not shariah, it is practically extortion! But I will save that conversation for another time, if insha’Allah you ever write about it!
    Barak Allah fikum, my sister and all of your family, and Allah bless us all with happy loving marriages, ya Rabb il alameen, ameen! ♥♥♥ ;^)

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  4. Ah marriage…the honey to all things sacred…but a very difficult, profound time in which there are endless opinions whirling around you..never mind the mind itself!
    I think, especially in these times…it’s easier to get married but very difficult to maintain the relationship…ego-communication barriers come and that’s when the key of patience really needs to be turned.

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  5. Great article sister! I often find people confused between following SOCIETY vs. following ISLAM. As Muslims, we must realize that Islam has given us the answers to how we should go about living our lives, including how we should get married. I’m not sure why we make things more complicated by following the west, let’s all try to keep it simple and just follow the Islamic way of life, Insha’Allah 🙂

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  6. I really love that final Qura’nic verse,
    ”Impure men for Impure women and men of purity for women of purity… ”

    it always move to ask Allah to make me pure enough so i may be worthy of a pure life partner!

    Nice to meet you on WP, i look forward to more… 🙂

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